Apple switched its iCloud storage and CDN services to Chinese Telecom Cloud service in JiangXi province.
A article wroted From <a href="">FuZhou city government website</a>, Apple successfully changed its iCloud services to China telecom Cloud.
and in a Chinese social site "WeiBo", a China telecom worker wroted a feed about this news, but he deleted this feed later.
Apple started this project before 15 monthes ago, and its completed at August 8,2014, All chinese iCloud users's storage will switch to China JiangXi province from now on.
We know something about Apple iCloud Service from this article:
1. Apple iCloud resource server availability will be higher than 99.99% a month, no more than 4 minutes, 19 seconds per month for network outages.
2. iCloud storage service availability will be higher than 99.99% a month, every customer service request processing time not to exceed a certain value, more higher than normal requirements.
3. The data flow availability 99.99999999999%, data cannot be lost.
4. Chinese Apple iCloud users's storage will be high to hundreds of PB(102,400TB).
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Martin Dempsey
I think it affects only Chinese users.